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Thread: XDS 2008 Quickly Approaching

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    Phoronix: XDS 2008 Quickly Approaching

    XDS 2008 is happening next week in Edinburgh, Scotland as the X.Org Foundation's second conference for the year. Since last week when last mentioning XDS 2008, there have been a few more attendee confirmations but it still looks like this event will be slightly underpopulated...

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    the improvements made to DRI2 to make it not dependent on GEM
    don't you mean TTM?

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    Quote Originally Posted by some-guy View Post
    don't you mean TTM?
    Yes, fixed. Thanks.

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    Thanks you for another great article Michael, your work is highly appreciated! However, I feel that in this particular case you seem a bit harsh on Via. I agree that lack of cooperation should be commented, so it is only your wording that I feel is a little on the harsh side.

    EDIT: Oops, seems I posted in the wrong thread. This comment was intended for the open sourced Via driver article, sorry.
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