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Thread: What Linux Games Are Most Important To You?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aradreth View Post
    Halo didn't sell well on the PC for several other reasons, the first one was released for the PC almost 2 years after it was released on the xbox, the people that wanted to play it by then had played it so why would they go out and buy it again?
    Exactly. They already bought it, so why would they want to buy it again? If they only needed to pay 10 or 15 bucks (since MS can get away with cheap) to get it to run on the PC, more people would have paid that for a more enjoyable experience for a game they already had (in the case of Halo because PCs kick the pants off consoles for FPSs).

    Just so you can see how much money it costs the unreal engine 2 lisence which isn't even a cutting edge engine like UE3 or iD tech 4
    By contrast, there's Unigine which is more on par with the likes of UE3 and the Crysis engine (and has a native Linux port, btw):
    Binary Indie* - $15 000+$35 000
    Source Indie* - $20 000+$55 000
    Binary - $50 000
    Source - $75 000

    Updates are provided no matter what version number of Unigine will be released. Thus there will be no need in any additional payments to upgrade to further versions during this period.
    *: "Indie" licenses are available for small independent studios only. The first part of the price is an initial payment, the second one is to be paid after getting funding from any kind of investor or before official release of the Unigine-based product.
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