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Thread: problem with last driver

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    Default problem with last driver

    Hi there. ive compiled and loaded the new ati driver. i am using kernel 2.6.26 and a ati X1050. now the problem is that in the moment where the x server is starting and initiating my kdm (after console output) the display goes into standby.
    does anybody know a solution for this problem?

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    Default whats up nerds ???

    hi nerds, whats up? no one has a solution for me? and i thought u have skills.

    so, because u probably do not have skills that i need, i have to solve the problem by myself.
    now the problem is solved.

    the problem is that the x server is not running in 16bit mode at least with my card.
    altered config to 24 bit and x server is coming up.


    found a little bug by using xmms. the opengl spectrum analyzer couldnt be disable if enabled for one time. by disabling the plugin, xmms is crashing. next start xmms is already loading the plugin. so i have to unload the fglrx driver. start x, start xmms, disable the plugin. loading the fglrx driver and restarting x again. now xmms is starting without loading the plugin

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