So with the beta out of Google's Chrome, I was able to take it for a test drive. That being said, it is still very young and crash prone so far. Now from a technical view, I see alot of potential in Chrome, but there are some things that bug me about the idea of Google putting out a browser.

It's with mixed feelings that I accept Chrome, on the plus side, it's open source and it embracing HTML5, and threading and memory management is a needed improvement to todays solutions.


There is something about a company that specializes in data harvesting that really really bugs me. I'm not keen on the idea of the #1 data resource on the net having a browser solution for their services. This does remind me a lot of how Hotmail used to be browser agnostic and over time would up being so tightly hooked into MS's products that using their online services became very dependent on running their software to make the most of it.

Then there is also the fact that this might give too much leverage to google as well for current and presents standards. HTML5 for example still does not have a set codec solution that all supporters can agree on. Now I can really see Googles service such as YouTube becoming the bully on the block and forcing others to use what Google decides should be. for example. the codec standard.

It just feels to me like we could be trading a bunch of monkeys for one 1000kg gorrilla.

What are your guys thoughts?