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Thread: PPRacer vs x86_64 in PTS 1.2

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    Default PPRacer vs x86_64 in PTS 1.2

    PPRacer prevents running the universe suite on x86_64
    dean@linux:~/phoronix-test-suite> ./phoronix-test-suite run universe
    ppracer isn't installed on this system.
    To install this test, run: phoronix-test-suite install ppracer
    dean@linux:~/phoronix-test-suite> ./phoronix-test-suite install ppracer
    Checking For Needed External Dependencies.
    ppracer is not supported on this architecture: x86_64
    In fact given that it has not been updated in years (last cvs update was 2 years ago) I question it being even in here as the last version .5 alpha does not build on 64 bit systems at all. Extreme Tux Racer took over it's place and is still currently being updated.
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    Deanjo: This should be fixed in git master (along with plenty of other changes).

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