I actually don't understand this article came out now as I own this mouse for at least half a year already!

I would not buy this mouse again - see the quoted message and it's resolution below. The best gaming experience I had so far was using the Razer Copperhead, but now I am used to this mouse.

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..Ive bought it recently. The good is, that it really looks nice, it has quite good ergonomy (plus its ambidextrous). Surface of mouse is really good, its like velvet. And.. thats all good.

First you must update firmware, or you cant use mouse properly (in bad case its unusable at all). If you flash it and it works, you are lucky guy (cause its has nice percetange of reclamations due flash failure).

Second, it does have really thin padsurfers so when you use mouse pad like eXactMat, youll get nice scratches on mouse bottom. And cause they are thin, it slows mouse movement. Plus they are gone quite fast.

Third, mouse sensor just sux. If you get one that actually work at 4000DPi, you are very lucky guy, mine is usable to maybe 2500 DPi, if I set it higher, it works for some time (like half an hour) and after that it starts jumping or moving on its own (tested on more than one PC and on more surfaces that you can imagine, including few progaming mouse pads).

Im really disappointed with this mouse. And when I get my new infrared mouse, Ill send this back to shop.

So, conclusion.. when it works, its great mouse (maybe best), problem is, that it works for maybe 50/100 ppl. For its price, every mouse they produce should be perfect.

PS: Not mentioning poor or none usability under linux systems..
Make sure you peel off the sticker on the bottom - this is actually an official recommendation from Razer! And clean the bottom and lens with alcohol (Don't do anything stupid like trying nail polisher!!) - see here: http://www.razersupport.com/index.ph...barticleid=133

I had the same issue and this freaking laser is so damn sensitive that a tiny bit of dust upsets it and the mouse starts jumping - the sticker makes matters worse.

I personally use a Razer Destructor mouse pad (hard surface) this mouse is pretty much unusable on a cloth pad as clicking will move the cursor and little cloth particles upset the laser.

There is a number of issues with this mouse you won't realize before you own the mouse for a while - you might even notice the mouse moves somewhat "sluggish" at times. Just check http://razerblueprints.net/ for full coverage of issues.