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Thread: someone has GMA 4500MHD on a laptop working on linux?

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    Default someone has GMA 4500MHD on a laptop working on linux?

    Hi i need a new laptop, i've looked some and i'm almost sure of buy a vaio SR that comes with the intel GMA 4500HD, and i'm worried about that the grafic card wont work under linux because some things i have read on a web( that he cant get 3D acceleration under linux(he uses debian).
    Here a fragment of the text from the webside mentioned before:

    The graphics card included in this laptop is the Intel X4500HD (Intel GM45 Express chipset), which supports up to 384MBytes of video memory (mapped on the actual RAM). This chip supports vertex shader model 4.0, up to 12.8GB/s transfer speeds, OpenGL 2.0 and video decoding hardware acceleration. [3]

    On the SR11M, many features are missing, since the Intel driver doesn't work yet with this laptop. Actually, when using the Intel driver, the screen goes blank and the X-window system is not shown at all (although it is running). This problem exists for this graphics card as of the xserver-xorg-video-intel-2.4.2 driver version.

    The only way of getting decent graphics is using the xserver-xorg-video-vesa package, which will provide you with 2D support up to 1200x800@24. For the problem with the Intel driver, I already posted a bug report at, which is being taken care

    After this what do you people think, is this a bug on the grafic drivers, or is a problem that happens only on debian?With other distribution the grafic card will work ok?
    Thank you all

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    it will work on any distribution, its just a matter of which packages you will have to install..

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