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Thread: Intel's G41 Now Supported On Linux

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    Default Intel's G41 Now Supported On Linux

    Phoronix: Intel's G41 Now Supported On Linux

    Back in June the initial GMA 4-Series support was added to their open-source stack for mode-setting, 2D, 3D, and video acceleration along with DisplayPort and HDMI connector support with these new Intel integrated graphics processors. Following that we had published Intel GMA X4500 (G45) benchmarks under Linux using the latest code at the time...

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    The G45 was too high end for some ? lol
    Not that it's bad (I think it's a great IGP), but the need for a lower end version, seems, well, non existent.

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    I don't think G45 is the correct example. G31 and G33 had the same 3d engine basically so I would expect that G41 and G43 do the same. G35 and G45 are usually advanced over the others.

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