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Thread: Catalyst with EGL/MiniGLX

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    Default Catalyst with EGL/MiniGLX

    I want to build an OpenGL based system without X. I know this will be possible with the open source ATI driver in the near future with KMS,, and EGL/miniGLX. (With a little bit of hacking of course.)
    The open source driver is WAY too slow.

    I want to know if there is the possibility of using KMS, et al., and EGL/miniGLX? Are there things in the Catalyst driver that are preventing this?

    I have a system running with X now, but it doesn't really use it. (Other than the obvious screen buffer.)


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    The open source driver will have improved performance once the memory manager is completed, and should be able to get *close* to fglrx.

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