"This was my third hard drive crash on the machine in 18 months.

He told me that Macbooks are consumer level machines and that often
they can't handle writing big files like the kind Garageband uses."


Apple's GarageBand thinks it is a member of The Who and
should be killing music related equipment?

I'm your Uncle Stevie and I welcome you to Apple's Coolness Camp
The camp that thinks different
Never mind the prices
When you come to Apple's
The coolness is forever

Mama's got a squeeze box she wears on her chest
When GarageBand starts up, the disk don't get no rest

I can seek for files, and files

I can't explain
Your disk is dead
I replaced it for you
It's good as new

What's that, PC? You want a Who song too?

Meet the new DOS, same as the old DOS