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Thread: CyberLink DVD Player In Ubuntu Store

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    Default CyberLink DVD Player In Ubuntu Store

    According to this article, Canonical has licensed DVD playing software from Cyberlink (PowerDVD),

    From the article:
    The Cyberlink PowerDVD software sells for $49.95 in the Ubuntu store and allows users to play commercial DVDs on the latest version of Ubuntu Linux, v8.04. OpenGL driver support for graphics hardware is also required.
    At first I had a rant here about the pricing and such, but apparently that's the standard price for the DVD playing version 7. I'm not sure if I know anyone who's paid full price for a copy- tons of OEM computers come with it, and nearly every DVD drive comes with a copy of it.

    Something rubs me wrong about this though- I feel ripped off here.
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