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Thread: nexuiz-sdl and cat8.9 screen freeze on exit

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    Default nexuiz-sdl and cat8.9 screen freeze on exit

    Installed 8.9 today and the following things happen in nexuiz.

    Changing any graphics option and applying immediately causes the game to crash, but the changes work fine if I restart the game.

    Also when the game exits the mouse pointer returns to normal, but the screen never clears and all I see is the nexuiz logo. Things underneath still work though but I have to goto a vt and kill the nexuiz process then when switching back to vt7 everything is back to normal.

    nexuiz-glx crashes on gfx settings change as well, but doesn't stay plastered on the screen on exit.

    Ubuntu 8.04 i386
    Athlon64 X2 3800+
    2GB RAM
    RadeonHD 3850 256MB pci-e

    EDIT: should probobly mention, reverted to 8.8 and everything works fine.
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