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Thread: Mesa 7.2 Has Been Released

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    Default Mesa 7.2 Has Been Released

    Phoronix: Mesa 7.2 Has Been Released

    Following last month's release of Mesa 7.1, Tungsten Graphics began working on Mesa 7.2, which is a stabilized version of this OpenGL implementation that had picked up 3D support for the ATI Radeon R500 and Intel GMA 4-Series. Mesa 7.1 also marked the switch to an autoconf build system, GL_EXT_texture_from_pixmap extension for Xlib driver, GLSL support for the Intel 965, and various other improvements. Mesa 7.2 has just under a dozen official fixes and it also adds 3D acceleration support for the new lower-end Intel G41 Chipset...

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    was this release holding up Xorg 7.4??

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    No, 7.1 was. X.Org 7.4 still isn't out since Ajax has been busy with Fedora 10 at Red Hat and Daniels is moving to another country for some new job yet.

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    Default "La romanella"

    in a popular italian b-movie, an aged lady who once was considered quite a beauty, asked a surgeon to make her body as beautiful as a famous show-woman's. The surgeon replied her that was possible, but the price for that would be extremely high. So she asked for a minimum but general intervention - the surgeon then said a "romanella" should be possible: a "cut here, paste there" intervention.
    Then, after the "romanella" operation, she found herself with a disproportionate breast, overblown lips and an ironed-like skin - she said she was a beauty again, but she was not at all.

    Now, this is what Mesa looks like: "the good and shiny parts of Mesa have been removed or posponed to uncertain version, but we improved here and there". From an user point of view, are we going to wait another year to hear "the next version will put real and shiny 2/3D into the linux desktop"?

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    The thing is that right now many of the "good and shiny parts" are coming from other projects and involve more than just Mesa. The Mesa core and driver set needs new releases periodically to make sure that other improvements can keep coming out, even if they are not as exciting.

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