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Thread: compiz refuses to work on atix1950pro

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    Please consider a pastebin site (e.g., in the future.

    As to your startup problem, make sure to set LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT=1 before starting compiz and make sure you tell compiz to use indirect rendering.

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    With indirect mode it "works", but I've made some investigations.

    In Mesa we have src/glx/x11/dri_common.c, with
    _X_HIDDEN void driBindExtensions(__GLXscreenConfigs *psc, int dri2),
    which binds GLX extensions with DRI.

    This fn contains among others

    #ifdef __DRI_TEX_BUFFER
    if ((strcmp(extensions[i]->name, __DRI_TEX_BUFFER) == 0) && dri2) {
    psc->texBuffer = (__DRItexBufferExtension *) extensions[i];
    __glXEnableDirectExtension(psc, "GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap");

    So as 1st step I comment `/*&& dri2*/', then rebuild/reinstall libgl1-mesa-{glx,dri}, but nothing new.

    2nd step was to check what has __DRI_TEX_BUFFER.

    @globus-debian:.+src/mesa/drivers/dri$ fgrep __DRI_TEX_BUFFER . -R
    ./i915/intel_screen.c: { __DRI_TEX_BUFFER, __DRI_TEX_BUFFER_VERSION },
    ./i965/intel_screen.c: { __DRI_TEX_BUFFER, __DRI_TEX_BUFFER_VERSION },
    ./intel/intel_screen.c: { __DRI_TEX_BUFFER, __DRI_TEX_BUFFER_VERSION },

    Only drivers for intel has it, not radeon/r300.

    Am I correct?

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