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Thread: LM_Sensors 3.0.3 Released

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    Default LM_Sensors 3.0.3 Released

    Phoronix: LM_Sensors 3.0.3 Released

    LM_Sensors, the leading open-source project for providing hardware monitoring support on Linux (such as with component temperatures, voltages, fan speeds, etc), had its last official release in May with version 3.0.2. While the changes aren't as substantial as the LM_Sensors 3.0 release last year, Jean Delvare has today announced the release of LM_Sensors 3.0.3. There are just two major changes in this release and that is pwmconfig improvements and new devices being recognized through sensors-detect...

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    Odd that the changelog doesn't mention the new phenom support.

    3.0.3 (2008-09-28)
    libsensors: Avoid namespace pollution
    fancontrol: Don't use named pipes when we don't need them (#2319)
    pwmconfig: Tell the user about gnuplot if it isn't installed
    Fix MINSTOP and MINSTART test functions
    Test MINSTOP before MINSTART
    Use better step values for MINSTOP test
    Print the revision and date at start-up
    Detect and report obviously incorrect fan speeds
    Determine MINSTOP automatically
    Skip MINSTOP and MINSTART tests if fan can't stop
    Change default for MINTEMP from 0 to 20 degrees C
    Add support for attributes in the hwmon class device (#2260)
    Update manual page
    sensors-detect: Add Intel SCH (bus) support
    Add SMSC EMC6D103 support
    Improve MAX6657, MAX6658, MAX6659 detection
    Cache the byte data reads (#2326)
    Add Maxim MAX6654/MAX6690 support
    Add National Semiconductor LM95231 support
    Add Analog Devices ADT7481 support
    Refactor alias detection functions
    Fix Andigilog aSC7621 support
    Add Texas Instruments THMC51 support
    Fix Analog Devices ADT7461 support
    Add VIA C7 support
    Fix Winbond W83L786NR/NG/R/G support (#2336)
    Add Maxim MAX6646/MAX6647/MAX6649 support
    Add VIA VT1212 support
    Add SMSC EMC2700LPC support
    Add ITE IT8720 support
    Add Texas Instruments TMP411 support
    Prevent misdetection of W83627DHG on I2C as LM78
    W83627DHG has no subclients
    Add Maxim MAX1618 support

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    seeing "sensoring" after a long day of typing bought a smile to my face Michael was that intentional?

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    ITE IT8720 FTW

    I've been waiting for that one. Basically, the Gygabyte EP45 voltages/fan speeds couldn't be read, just the core temps, which was a pain.

    Hope they package 3.03 for Intrepid...

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    Still waiting on ADT7475. ASUS Rampage/Maximus formula boards use this chip for optional sensors.

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