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    Phoronix: Omega 10 Desktop Linux

    The Red Hat community engineer behind the Fedora Games and Fedora Xfce media spins, Rahul Sundaram, had announced the release of Omega 10 Beta this past weekend. Omega is a desktop/mobile Linux distribution that is based upon Fedora but includes packages from the Livna RPM repository. The Omega 10 Beta release is roughly equivalent to the Fedora 10 Beta to be released tomorrow, but integrates multimedia support not found in Fedora along with delivering other added functionality.

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    Cool idea.

    Will download it and give it a go.

    Whether I stick with it will depend on how much value it adds. Afterall, for my needs, it's easy enough to add the Livna repositories manually.

    It also looks like the new "Solar" artwork ( hasn't landed yet.

    It's a shame, because I think that looks much better than the current theme.

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    This may be worth a try

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