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Thread: Radeon HD4350 and HD 4550

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    Quote Originally Posted by SudaDreamS View Post
    I am using the HS 4350 in ubuntu 9.4 actually running KDE.

    but i have been trying to look for a driver that makes it worl properly .. couldn't at all. the screen savers are very slow making it so ugly ..

    any ideas???

    i tried here:

    but nothing changed
    Personally I'm using Mandriva 2010 Alpha w. 2.6.31-rc1-kernel, the open source driver works flawlessly for me. Great 2D-acceleration, great 2D IQ, video looks awesome. No 3D of course, one currently has to use the fglrx driver for that.

    I use Gnome, it's possible I would encounter more problems if I used KDE4 as Kwin might not like the absent 3D-support in the open source driver. But with Gnome it's perfect and I'm very happy with my HD4350. Totally silent, HDMI + HDMI-audio and low power consumption

    May I suggest you switch to Gnome and see to it that you use the open source driver?

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    OpenGL screensavers will never run fast on a 2d only driver. If you would think before that should be clear...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrystalCowboy View Post
    Back in the X1xxx days, soneone issued a radeon X1050 card. It was slower than toast. I hear ATI's on-board graphics chipsets (780, 790GX) are pretty good these days, but if you want an extra card I don't think that's available in that power envelope.
    i was actually rather suprised with how good the 780/3200 is.

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