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Thread: Redhat Enterprise 5 Release Date?

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    Default Redhat Enterprise 5 Release Date?


    I was looking for a release date for RedHat enterprise 5 when I came across wikipedia stating 28th feb.. ie in a couple of days. However, there is no mention of a release date on the RedHat website.... In the RedHat downloads they have got beta 2 released... Put simply, when do u guys rekon its coming out?

    ... Will the installation of ATI drivers be like fedora core 6 or 5? Because 6 I can handle but no older

    Any info would be appreciated,

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    It should be out in March.

    So far in the 8.35 March drivers, I haven't seen the RHEL5 support. I asked AMD if they wanted me to add the RHEL5 support to the Fedora scripts, but since they officially support RHEL, they will be creating the scripts. I take it though the scripts won't be in the drivers till April or May. Though if you run the FC6 command it will probably work for RHEL5.

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    It looks like a March 14 launch --

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    The latest version of Gentoo and Sabayon should have been out by now as well. It seems like a lot of distros are lagging a little behind.

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