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Thread: Fedora 10 Cambridge Beta

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    Default Fedora 10 Cambridge Beta

    Phoronix: Fedora 10 Beta

    It is coming out a bit late, but the beta release for the upcoming Fedora 10 release (codenamed Cambridge) is now available. It has been almost two months since the last test release and a lot of work has been accomplished when it comes to the new and exciting innovations found within this Red Hat distribution.

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    I will look forward to the follow up article. I love then open source graphics is reviewed =)

    One thing that keeps puzzles me, is why Fedora have such ugly default graphics. I have used Red Hat/Fedora since Red Hat 7.1, and all Fedora's have just been ugly =(

    I would much rather have Fedora ship with a mono chrome desktop background than having their artist make yet another horrible background.

    Even their logo looks like it was made by someone with 5 minutes of GIMP experience =(

    Come on Fedora! I think it is the best distribution out there, but please don't try and do graphics when you do a bad job at it.

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