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Thread: Ubuntu 8.10 Beta Released

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    Default Ubuntu 8.10 Beta Released

    Phoronix: Ubuntu 8.10 Beta Released

    As expected, the beta release of the forthcoming Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex" has been released this afternoon. In addition to the desktop spin, the server release of the Ubuntu 8.10 Beta had also occurred...

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    Gosh dangit, the key at /apps/gnome-app-install/components_seen isn't updated when I use the combo box thingy in apps > add..... Ohhhhhhhh, it's /apps/gnome-app-install/filter_applications , it's an integer. /me sets to 0.

    In any case, the new stuff in repositories sure is going to make my life a lot easier. No more having to install ubuntu netbook and mid PPAs just to get awesome software..

    If I can't move panel applets around by modifying their coordinate keys in gconf... I'm thinking I should file a bug on gnome-panel or something..... Maybe I should compare that to the behavior of my 8.04.1 install though.. Or perhaps those values would get acted upon with a restarted user session?

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    Now, it's my understanding that with 8.10, the Ubuntu Netbook Remix will go "official", right?

    If that's the case, anyone know if they're going to offer dedicated install images of the Remix? It'd be great if they let you download *.img files (like Arch linux), so you could just do a simple "dd if=foo of=bar", rather than jump through hoops with syslinux and mounting the iso and all that.

    Anyone know if something like that is going to happen? Generally I'm not a huge fan of Ubuntu or Gnome, but if they make it damn easy to put it on my Aspire One, then that Netbook remix will get my attention.

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    Out of the box COMPIZ for ati hardware (r580 here) doesn't count as a
    "noteworthy features being introduced since the earlier alpha releases"?

    OK so it's not a feature of ubuntu.
    But included packages that have aligned to make it possible.
    I think that is awesome.
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