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    Recently I decided to set out on building a non-profit site designed for spreading GNOME desktops throughout the world (and even GNU/Linux in general for that matter) -- similar to what has been done with Anyways, the domain registered was

    When I had initially started working on the site, David Nielsen had expressed interest in working on the site as well. A few others have also shown support for such a community site. However, the site has yet to turn into a reality. The content on the site currently is minimal (and is currently not even maintained), and the site itself is certainly in need of an entire overhaul. The site as you see it today was simply the result of a few hours of work.

    It would be ideal if we could get something up and running on by the launch of GNOME 2.16.0 -- September 6, 2006. If anyone would be interested in helping with this community site in anyway, please contact me or simply post a message with your thoughts or ideas. Thanks.

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    We are a few weeks away from a new (much needed) site layout for is still targeted for a launch to coincide with GNOME 2.16.

    If anyone is interested in contributing content or helping out anyway, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    ~ Michael

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    Hey Michael... do you ever stop working? :-)

    I'm not a GNOME user, but I am going to play around with Kate OS this afternoon which uses it, so I will give it a shot again.

    Maybe you should write a small article on why you enjoy personally enjoy GNOME so much. Not like a GNOME > KDE article, but why specifically you love using GNOME on a day to day basis. Just an idea. Good luck with the site man.

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    My friends, family and I use Gnome because it just works. No customizing, no messings with settings. The integration is very good as well. For istance, stardict, which I used to help expidite the learning of new languages works with all the programs I use with no hassle.

    SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10's Gnome Desktop is great looking and very easy to use. Instead of Beagle being a startup icon, its now integrated into the start menu. All applications are show(well not all still has some bugs) as well as control panel settings. You can group by type like settings and it will highlight them all into a group for easy finding. Also prefer how Gnome looks to other GUI's.

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    Looks like we will indeed make the time-frame of to launch with GNOME 2.16... We're just down to making content at this point and other odd ends.

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    Heard back from Miguel de Icaza today (one of the GNOME founders for the uninitiated), and so far from the Beta site demonstrated to him, and other provided information, he feels "This looks fantastic!".

    If anyone is interested in contributing any content for this free creative commons soon-to-be-launched site, feel free to message me.

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    Check out the first draft of SpreadGNOME over @

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