If one monitor were connected per FireGL card, can 3D and compositing applications then use each cards GPU independently, when that app spreads over two monitors? Or is that up to the application?

Ok, I've got a question.

I've been trying to find a way to do this in Linux and haven't had much success with the gui configuration programs for ati or nvidia.

Both are IGP's. One is the ATI 780g, and the other is the Geforce 8200.

I have two monitors that fit perfectly in my desk when I set them up like this: 19" 4x3 1280x1024 LCD and a 15" 1024x748 rotated to be 768x1024 right beside the 19" monitor.

I can't get any of these programs set up to allow the monitors to work together, and allow me to rotate the 15".

Does this new CCC allow that?
I don't know if you've read /usr/share/doc/nvidia-glx-new/README.txt.gz about TwinView and MetaModes, and how to set that up in xorg.conf, but I just searched for 8200 in that document (nvidia-driver 169.12), but it's not listed as a supported GPU. Have you tried with the newest nvidia-driver? I'm not sure about ATI though. Got it working on a Mobility FireGL once, using Xinerama, but I can't remember the configuration. Maybe that 780g isn't supported either in the driver you are using? For rotation RandR is used, but the MultiView-thing disables the use of RandR 1.2