I bought a used Nvidia GeForce 7950GT PCI-e card that I had issues/problems with. It seemed to be overheating or running too hot. I could only configure/install drivers in XP. The temp monitor showed 76 degrees. I assume that is too hot. It was running stock with no aftermarket cooler. I think a cooler should help but even stock, it should not run that hot, right? I have a 7950GT card in my current machine and it's an Intel-based board with a EVGA card with an aftermarket cooler but only running at around 42 degrees (ranges between 42-47). The other computer is AMD but still, I don't think any GeForce 7-series card should be going up to 70-something degrees.

The problem is that I was having problems regaining the default Xorg configuration. I would like it from scratch even. I had at my disposal an ATI Radeon 7000 PCI card and an ATI X300 PCI-e card to use. But, neither helped but I don't think it's the fault of either card. I am wondering if there are leftover Nvidia drivers/packages/modules still installed or if something else is remaining that is causing problems.

When I boot up the distro, it gets to the KDE screen but then goes to the splashy screen which becomes 'dark grey/black.' It doesn't get any further and I can't get a CLI (Command Line window).

I've tried 'repair' utilities (i.e. repair xorg programs) and reinstalling the backup xorg.conf to no avail.

This is in Mepis but probably would apply to any Debian flavour. I appreciate any ideas or suggestions of what to try. I'm rather inexperienced with X Server/xorg problems. I have installed Nvidia drivers before but went by notes I made from forum posts and various Linux/Nvidia instructions. I've had issues before but this is the worst I've seen/experiences.

Thanks for any attempts at assistance (in advance).