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Thread: RadeonHD HDMI Audio Patches Pushed To Master

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    Default RadeonHD HDMI Audio Patches Pushed To Master

    Phoronix: RadeonHD HDMI Audio Patches Pushed To Master

    Last week new RadeonHD HDMI audio patches were released by an independent developer that allows the integrated audio processor on ATI R600+ graphics cards to be used over HDMI using the open-source RadeonHD driver (xf86-video-radeonhd). Today those patches have landed in the master branch of this X.Org driver...

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    I wonder. Isn't HDMI legacy for graphics cards?

    The way I understood it is, that Intel and AMD got fed up with the license fee for HDMI, and designed DisplayPort.

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    Hard to say. My guess is that HDMI will become "the new standard for TVout" and will replace S-video & component for home theater systems. If you look at A/V receivers they are just standardizing on HDMI in now and I don't see them changing to display port any time soon.

    For computer displays, I think you're right -- the world will go from DVI to DisplayPort and skip over HDMI. Then again, that may have always been the plan, nobody tells me

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    Hopefully, in the future, most devices will have both hdmi and displayport functionality. Now if only my notebook machine had a dvi or hdmi port instead of useless vga without my having to buy a ^&*(_&$ overpriced and clunky dock.

    I wish the pinouts on the dock connector were documented.

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