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Thread: phorogit: fglrx-packaging.git vs openSUSE 11.0

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    Default phorogit: fglrx-packaging.git vs openSUSE 11.0

    Hi All!

    I suspect that there is a bug in one of the fglrx-packaging script of phorogit,
    because on openSUSE 11.0 the --buildpkg option of the ati-driver-installer do not work. Neither 8.9 nor 8.10.
    After several weeks of searching i couldn't find anyone who managed to build a package. But everybody has the same old "package build failed" message. And i think i know the reason why... Because this script on phorogit dot com/:

    index.php?p=fglrx-packaging.git&b=86d1d6eacefac0554e453a853ce994905d c0f750

    This one stil tries to call
    rpmbuild -bb --root ${TmpDrvFilesDir} --target ${ARCH} ${TmpPkgSpec} > ${TmpPkgBuildOut} 2>&1
    on openSUSE 11.0 too... Which seems to be a big mistake, because opensuse discontinuing rpmbuild... The 11.0 version no longer use rpmbuild, but it uses "build", which is an entirely different package builder.
    So i think this thing should be checked, or please correct me if i am wrong and/or somebody managed to build a package for openSUSE 11.0 with the mentioned script. Anyone know, where to report it, or who is the right person to fix it?

    Thank you.
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