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Thread: When Will UT3 For Linux Be Released?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Svartalf View Post
    (re: hitscan)

    Uh... I'd not heard the term before and I've been at doing game dev for a bit now.
    This says more about an apparent lack of familiarity with FPS on your part than it does about "hitscan" supposedly not being widely used.

    You prove the exception obviously, but any FPS player knows what hitscan is. Lightning Gun, Rail Gun, most "bullet" firing guns in about any game (especially older ones) save stuff like Armed Assault or Stalker. It's stuff that isn't projectile based, which is to say not rockets, plasma balls, grenades or balistically modelled bullets that you have to lead with. And people in this thread are not making up that meaning for it. <- altar of immutable truth

    But what the hell am I posting links for? Google is available to anyone.
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