Hello folks, if you are like me who wants Fedora Core to be more like Ubuntu, then check out my Rants...

Rant #1 : NetworkManager has to work out of the box, very little configuration needed.

Rant #2 : NVU needs to be updated to 1.1 or 2.0 so someone needing a good HTML
editor will be able to download it from Extras.

Rant #3 : Audacity should be updated and included in Extras.

Rant #4 : A PDF Printer should be included for non OpenOffice apps.

Rant #5 : K3b converted to GNOME, it is the best DVD burner software for FC.

Rant #6 : Software that rivals XMMS and has a MP3 plug-in for it, and is made
available in Extras.

Rant #7 : Software similar to iMovie and/or iDVD so one can make a DVD or Movie
using open source technology.

I hope Fedora Core 6 or 7 will finally be able to compete with Ubuntu....

Mark McLaughlin - Writer/Fedora User - [email protected]