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For your information 100 000 combos per second is insignificant. We're talking about easily over 91292051633079798989750131910067116342455228306074 83146366674788070551428931526296681935903540008509 26342401 total amount.

That's right, and to top it off that Cuda cracker is only effective against extremely weak passwords.

Another great breakdown of real numbers.

Brute forcing a 256 bits cryptographic code without any known flaws (like WPA2 AES) means that they should test at worst 2^256 keys and average 2^255 (~ 10^76) keys.
Letís say that they are using a new nVidia GPU with 1000 stream processors running at 10 GHz
That is 10^13 instructions per second
Now with their magical software they can check 1 key per instruction.
So, they can check 10^13 keys per second
Even with 1 billion of those GPU (10^9) they can "only" calculate 10^22 key per second (.
At that rate, they need 10^51 seconds which is 10^43 years.
As a reference, the estimate age of the universe is 10^14 years.