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Thread: A case/enclosure for the HomeServer - need suggestions

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    Question A case/enclosure for the HomeServer - need suggestions


    I was just wondering if anyone has a good suggestion to a case to use for a home server? There are lots of excellent server cases out there, but most of them are way too big, quite noisy and definitely not suited for me.

    I want a case which should be as small as possible, have at least room for 7 hdd's, and should be possible to keep fairly quiet. No GFX card is needed, the only extension-card I will (possibly) use is a s-ata controller card.

    Ideally the case would be a micro-atx case with 4 internal (possibly 3 internal, 1 external) 3,5" drives, two 5,25" external drive-bays (which may be fitted with one of these:, to allow up to 7 hdd's. And it should only have quiet 120mm fans. I have been looking quite a lot, with no succes. The Antec Mini P180 looked promising, until I realized how big it really is!

    I have a limited amount of space available, thus the smaller the case is the better. The case will also be located fairly close to where I will be, thus it should be as quiet as possible. And my entire storage need will be able to fit in 6 1TB disks. When they are full (some time in 2011?) I will just buy a new case with new disks (most likely 3TB on each disk), transfer everything from the old server to the new, and sell the old one (after a proper disk-nuke). Thus I can live happily with a small-ish case. (The HP Home Server is a bit too small (only possible with two (or three disks?)), and underpowered (I plan on running zfs, thus dual-core with lots of RAM is a must-have for good performance), otherwise it would be perfect.)
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