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It would also be nice to see Plymouth (or some adaptation of it) supported by other Linux distributions.

Supported? It's open source, just install it in Ubuntu if you want it in Ubuntu. So what if it doesn't come with it by default. I guess that's one reason for rolling your own distro, but yeah I hope most desktop Linuxes will come with this software in the future because most users will want it I reckon.

Linux needed a boot process sleek enough to match Mac's. I hope the next step will be to implement this in the Linux BIOS as well, so that it will be possible to go from power on all the way to your desktop with no flickering or changing of resolutions whatsoever.
Well I'm for one that is not thinking this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I prefer to watch the verbose boot up processes watching for unexpected issues that these splash screens cover up. Hell I disable the startup splash on OS X too.