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I'm talking about backporting patches for older kernels and for single applications. Btw. Linux users don't have to wait 10 years for next Windows Server, because Linux systems appear much more frequently. Who will stick with such old and slow piece of crap like XP for such a long time? I only get few patches a month for xp and they're almost always critical (someone can take control of your computer bla bla bla). Maybe they'll fix 1/3 of security holes before 2014, but I wouldn't be so sure.

Slow? Oh do please show the benchmarks. Only 90% of the world uses windows with a large majority of that still being XP. BTW Windows doesn't wait 10 years for new versions either. Going back 10 years you have seen NT 4, 2K, 2k3, 2k8. Not to mention the many Service packs that have been introduced with each product. Ya there are a lot of what are called critical updates even the most obscure flaw is considered critical. Gee it sounds like a lot of people are actively scrutinizing security in windows. Good of MS to address them.