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Thread: ATI fglrx 8.27.10 Discussion (July 2006)

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    Default ATI fglrx 8.27.10 Discussion (July 2006)

    ATI Linux fglrx 8.27.10 for x86 and x86_64 have just been released.

    # 7.1 Support
    # Fedora Core Package Support
    # X1000 TV-out support
    Release Notes:

    Phoronix Coverage

    After ATI's successful launch last month of the fglrx 8.26.18 drivers, which had delivered an external events daemon (atieventsd) and more, it is now time for us to discuss the changes in the newly released 8.27.10 Linux display drivers. Of the changes in this release include X11R7.1 support, Fedora Core packaging scripts, and Radeon X1000 TV-out support. As always, we have all of the details to share in our ATI fglrx 8.27.10 driver examination.

    Feel free to discuss, post questions, etc...

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    Also for Fedora + ATI users, please post your experience after using the --buildpkg Fedora/FC5 (or FC4 or FC3) on how the packages generated, if you ran into any problems, or have any other suggestions for those packages.

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    Another awaited feature has been TV-out support with the Radeon X1k series. This support is finally here with the 8.27.10 drivers. & ATI Proprietary Linux Driver Version 8.27.10 -> Resolved Issues(??):
    TV Out is currently not supported on the ATI Radeon? X1x00 products. Further details can be found in topic number 737-22057
    so? TV Out Supported or NOT?

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    TV-out IS supported with the Radeon X1000 series using the 8.27.10 drivers. We have tested this support with at least three different X1k products so far, and it has worked perfectly thus far.

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    Hi, great site, appreciate the speed of posting a review of the new driver.
    Curious, for tv-out on a X1800 you used s-video, right? Has anyone used component video to get hdtv resolutions?
    I have tried it with 8.27.10 with no luck, but if anyone got it working it would help to know.

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    Thanks for joining the forums.

    Yes, the TV-out for the X1000 series was tested using S-Video as well as in some instances using a S-Video to component adapter. However, using HDTV resolutions haven't yet been tested here with component video.

    As for the Phoronix coverage coinciding with the fglrx driver releases, ATI can also be thanked for their helpful staff.

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    Default download?

    Thanks for the review. Where do I go to download the new drivers? I can see the release notes at the url that you give, but when I go to the ati site they still offer 8.26.17 as the latest driver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael
    Thanks. That works. Now I need to work out which package I have to install to build the kernel modules for Fedora 5. The script suggests kernel-devel but I've got that and it doesn't include the file /lib/modules/${kernel_variant}/build/include/linux/version.h that the script is testing for. /lib/modules/${kernel_variant}/build/ belongs to the kernel package, but it's empty.

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    Are you trying to use the automatic installer? or generating the RPMs using --buildpkg Fedora/FC5 ?

    kernel and kernel-devel should be the only kernel-related packages you need.

    If you're using the --buildpkg, what is the complete output.

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