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Thread: Black windows with compiz and transparency

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    Default Black windows with compiz and transparency


    I'm now using ubuntu 8.10 with a HD3870. It works fine.
    User switches cause a system freeze, but I don't use this feature normally.

    But what I wanted to discuss:
    I use trailfocus, compiz plugin which makes non-focus windows transparent.
    If i switch beetween desktops or use Expo or Zoom or water effect, any plugin that manipulates the screen content, all windows that are not completely opaque are displayed as black rectangles with transparency.
    After the effect is over, everything looks normal again. Seems to be a problem with transparent window composition.
    Any idea what the reason or solution for this could be?
    Does anybody else see that?

    On my second machine, same settings, but nvidia chip, this doesn't occur.



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    found out, that when using "ADD Helper" plugin, which does nearly the same, the black window effect does not occur.
    Funny thing. Difficult to find out ..
    But not important

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