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Thread: First GNOME 2.26 Development Packages Arrive

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    Default First GNOME 2.26 Development Packages Arrive

    Phoronix: First GNOME 2.26 Development Packages Arrive

    The first development release in the GNOME 2.25 series that will go on to form GNOME 2.26 early next year is expected to be released today. There's still two months before any freezes go into effect for GNOME 2.26, but a few changes worth mentioning can be found in the handful of packages checked in for today's GNOME 2.25.1 release. One of the largest changes deal with GNOME Games...

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    Toolbar editor for nautilus? Does that mean I'll be able to combine the menu and tool bars like I can with Firefox?

    If so, firstly I'm ecstatic, secondly, when's that coming to gedit, gnome-sound-recorder, and so on and so forth?

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    I'm surprised Vinagre didn't support RDP from the outset. I'll waiting for this feature.

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