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Thread: Yukon - Open GL video recording source code

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    Quote Originally Posted by niniendowarrior View Post
    Okay, got the time to do this one.

    I ran that script and it told me to copy sysconf to /etc/yukon/system/ or $HOME/.yukon/system/.

    I have NO such folders on my system so I made the folders and copied it.

    This is what I get now.

    I'll try and see if it works.

    EDIT: Nope. Doesn't work. No such luck.
    i have yukon installed system wide, not /usr/local

    do you have?
    a file: /etc/yukon/system/x86 containing the text: LDPATH="/usr/lib32/yukon" ( or /usr/lib/yukon for 32bit only systems )

    a file: $HOME/.yukon/conf ( i gave you one in the archive )

    running yukon spits out any error?
    running yukon <some-application> spits out any error?

    using my conf file, after the application has loaded you press F11, wait about 10 seconds, and press F11 again, exit the application, check out the output folder ( configured in the $HOME/.yukon/conf file )
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