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Thread: X3: Reunion Finally Goes Gold On Linux

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaestroMaus View Post
    I aint anti-drm, I am anti-stupid-drm
    SecuROM,StarForce... are stupid DRM, VALVE,StarDock DRM isn't I am just hoping LGP isn't stupid-drm simply because even though "linux" has made leaps and bounds to become user-friendly It still needs to bridge the "but I have a windows licence" and "it doesn't do anything different" (excuses I am seeing now after having a linux box at work for months for ppl to just use). THUS linux is still for the tech-saavy, the same kinda ppl that if push came to the shuv would know exactly where to go to bypass DRM. THUS LGP implementation of DRM damb well better not piss linux users off because if it does torrent sites will be flooded with hack methods very quickly

    anyway X3 gone gold \o/
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