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Thread: Linux 2.6.28-rc4 Kernel Released

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    Default Linux 2.6.28-rc4 Kernel Released

    Phoronix: Linux 2.6.28-rc4 Kernel Released

    A week after the release of Linux 2.6.28-rc3, Linus has announced the release of the Linux 2.6.28-rc4 kernel. This update includes a variety of small fixes and other work, but the new cpumask interfaces have been merged though they currently aren't being used...

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    The SPEED! 2.6.27 was released hardly a month back
    DO you guys think Fedora Cambridge can get this ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MetalheadGautham View Post
    DO you guys think Fedora Cambridge can get this ?
    Maybe as an update, but it won't be released in time for Cambridge final, not to mention they are already in a feature freeze.

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