For the emails that we have received from users inquiring about how to safely and properly store any LGA-775 CPUs when not in use, as well as to pass along this tid-bit of information to others, here's how we do it. I had initially figured it out shortly after the Intel LGA launch back in 2004, and haven't run into any problems with this technique. It has been tested with both LGA-771 and LGA-775 processors, and should also work with the upcoming LGA-1207.

The process is safe (haven't killed any CPUs this way yet ), compact (takes barely any room), and plain and simply works well. It basically involves removing the CD holder portion of a standard jewel case, and then plopping the CPU in there (also works well if you still have the plastic base portion of the CPU from when it was shipped). It's also recommended that you remove the thermal compound as well prior to storing it. Basically a jewel case with the plastic CD holder portion works quite well as its practically the perfect height, is plastic, and is quite compact. A single jewel case can store one or multiple Land Grid Array CPUs.

Multiple package.

The CD case design is much smaller, secure, and just better (IMHO) than storing the CPUs in the retail packaging.

If you have any questions or comments about this matter, feel free to post.