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    i wondered wheather you've ever heard from serious sam? it's an european ego-shooter which was very famous ~2 years ago here. it was created by Croatian developers. it still has impressive graphics..
    just read about it several time in the past (not here though). and i was wondering why there isn't a serious-sam2-game-profile in pts?! (or is there already one??) (sry if there is already one, i couldn't find a simple list which discribes all profiles) there's even an existing linux installer (and a demo), better say a release candidate...

    here's a ingame video: (getting interesting in 40th second)
    official website:
    here are the installer files:
    what do you think? or did you know this already? (never read here anything about it...)


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    for serious sam 1 (the first encounte) exists a linux installer, too. it's based on the quake3-engine.
    it's german, but it shouldn't be a problem to understand the essential parts:
    (if you have questions (problems with german language here), don't hesitate to ask me..
    url from the windows-demo:
    perhaps could be used as wine-benchmark or even be installed through loki-installer? don't know wheather the loki-installer only works with the original game-cd or perhaps only with this demo...

    //edit: sry, it's all a bit messy, especially my posts today :/
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    Right now I don't have Serious Sam 1 or 2, so I haven't looked into making a test profile for it. However, if it's easily benchmarkable and someone else has written a test profile or can document all that needs to be done, I'd be glad to push them into the Phoronix Test Suite.

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