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Thread: Super Micro C2SEA G45

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    Default Super Micro C2SEA G45

    Phoronix: Super Micro C2SEA G45

    Back in June we had looked at the Super Micro C2SBX+ motherboard, which was a workstation motherboard oriented around the Intel X48 Chipset. This was our first time reviewing a Super Micro product at Phoronix, but from the success of the C2SBX+ we decided to look at another one of their motherboards. This time around we have our hands on the Super Micro C2SEA, which is a desktop motherboard that uses the Intel G45 Chipset and provides integrated GMA X4500 HD graphics.

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    Wink Many more G45/ICH10x boards available now

    The article concludes: "There are not too many G45 motherboards currently at retailers" ... which may have been true last week but as of this morning, Newegg lists five distinct Intel G45/ICH10x motherboards as being available as of this posting, (actually seven, the Intel-manufactured boards are available in both "retail" and "oem" flavors.)

    ASUS P5Q-EM <-- This mATX board seems to be the best of the lot with a full 16-lane PCIe slot, and full overclocking features in the BIOS.

    Intel BOXDG45FC <-- This is Intel's own mini-ITX variation, however the Intel BIOS lacks features found in the other boards.

    SUPERMICRO MBD-C2SEA-O <-- The full ATX board reviewed in the article.

    GIGABYTE GA-EG45M-DS2H <-- This mATX board has better overclocking than Intel's, but only supports a 4-lane PCIe slot.

    Intel BOXDG45ID <-- This is Intel's own mATX variation, has full 16-lane PCIe slot, and a CIR header, but lacks some BIOS features the other boards have.

    I am considering a build based on the ASUS P5Q-EM myself.

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    For the C2SEA, you can get lm_sensor support by adding

    modprobe w83627ehf force_id=0x8860

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