Good evening...well morning in my case.

I am fasinated with your benchmark system, after i was told to go here from AnandTech. I posted a topic about my linux flash drive raid and someone mention from AnandTech that I should submit my info to phoronix.

If your interested on the boot speed you can see it here at

But as of now i am downloading all the programs from phoronix benchmark tool. Soon I will have a better estimate of how fast my x13 flash drive raid will perform under this.

Let me know if this concept fascinates anyone and that you possible want to inquire more info. I spent a good time setting this up (flash drives suck because out of 5, 4gb drives only 2-3 will be the have the same sectors/head/cylinders).

P.S. i did bonnie++ benchmarks but this phoronix tool, I have to give a lot of credit for being very easy and awesome to get all the benchmarks.