So with my new laptop, I was blessed(cursed?) to have an ATI card in it. The laptop was a gift, so I couldn't exactly choose the GFX card.

Anyway, I noticed that the 3D OpenGL performance of this card is very slow. I'm not talking slow because of it being a low-end integrated graphics chip, no but even slower. It's slower than
a) The inbuilt X1200 on the mobo of my desktop PC, by about 1.5-2 times slower.
b) The Intel GMA 910 and GMA 950 I used to have on my older PCs, by a noticeable difference.
c) The Radeon 9200 SE on my spare PC, by a lot aswell.

So as you can see, all these other cards are also quite low-end, yet for some reason, the Xpress X1100 is slower than them all :/

I made some tests on Windows that came with the laptop, and I also noticed that for games which support both D3D and GL, D3D performed much better, while GL was terrible like on Linux(although the fglrx driver is also a tad slower than the Windows driver)

I may thinking a bit too much into this, and that it was designed to suck this bad, but I had some spare time this week, and decided to waste it :P

So anyone has any ideas on why or how to fix this?