Here in the UK I've recently purchased a PCI WiFi card for my new PC.

It's an Edimax draft 2.0 802.11n PCI card and it has official manufacturer support (both the chipset maker ralink and Edimax)

Source code for the drivers is in the box, WinXP/Vista/MacOSX/Linux printed on the outside of the box.

Works out of the box with Ubuntu 9.04 and my 802.11g network. Installed card, installed Ubuntu, worked instantly detecting all local networks.

Reception 80-100% at 12m through 3 partition walls.

For any linux user, I recommend one of these for luscious hassle free wireless networking!

When I get an 802.11n AP I'll write about how well a real n network works (probably won't be until 802.11n is finished though)

Anybody know of a wiki where I can post this info if it isn't there already?
Something like the LinuxTV or v4l wikis but for wifi.