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Thread: Logitech G15 Keyboard

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    did you use xmodmap or something else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by december View Post
    Do you know if it really needs that daemon? My Cherry CyMotion Linux also came with a daemon, but I added some keycodes to the kernel and my own X keyboard definition (these days X has one included). It seems absurd to need a daemon for interpreting some keypresses...
    Yes, it needs the daemon for the screen.

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    I've written some scripts for G15Composer
    One (a perl script) will rotate the screen with rstat load averages from your servers.
    The other (python script) pulls the latest Dow Jones Industrial average from Google and displays it on the LCD so you can watch your 401K disappear.

    The G15 is an awesome keyboard, would buy again!

    xvkbd and xbindkeys are your friends on the G keys.

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    can this g15tools be used for a logitech MX3200?

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