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Maybe your hardware is a problem, because I don't notice any responsiveness issue related to Linux kernel. Do you believe that such regression wouldn't be noticed for years?


Fanboys comming... Are you dumb or something? Benchmark shows that Linux beat your FreeBSD... Idiotic attempt to make a flame war. If you're interested I can show you a benchmark in which Linux kernel 2.6.22 and newer one kick your lovely FreeBSD 7 or 7.1.xx.

And you registered to write such a bullshit? xd



I missed your post before. You're completely right!
What? You have no idea who I am and I have no idea who you are. I registered because I've enjoyed the lot of phoronix articles, however, this one just seemed like it had a terrific idea but an inconclusive result.

Also, anyone who knows anything about gcc, knows that -g can affect performance, particularly with data structures like those used in DBs. Run a B-Tree in debug and "release" mode and you'll see what I mean.