Im sure he would like that Solaris box!

Actually, I would prefer that he benchmarked the full blown Linux to the real Solaris 10, instead of benchmarking two home brewn Solaris distros that doesnt work (v0.51 or so), made by some random people. To me, it is like comparing Solaris 10 to a Linux distro v0.51 in Beta. Why do that, when the latest Ubuntu is available? Do we want a fair comparison so everyone can make their own opinions, or do we want to distort things? Is it a fair benchmark? Or not?

If I would benchmark Solaris 10 against Ubuntu v0.51 - would you accept my benchmark?

I couldnt find the article where they stated that: "Google has been looking for Solaris admins", "there are lots of ex SUN people at Google having vast experience of Solaris", "Google is looking at Solaris".

And I dont think youre argument about Google would just use Solaris if it was better, is valid. Let me rephrase your argument a bit:
"If Linux could compare with Windows, other companies would just use Linux. You are just flaming. Linux is not better than Windows, because Windows has greater market share. If Linux were better, Linux would have the greatest market share. But Windows have the greatest share, which is proving that Windows is best". Do you think this rephrased argument is valid or invalid? If it is invalid, then why is your version valid? As I said earlier, the best tech doesnt always win. Windows has bad tech, and wins. VHS had bad tech, and wun over Betamax. The examples are numerous.

Thanks for backing up your statements with some hard facts. However, I would like other links if you would be so kind. Reason:

1. What would you think if I showed you benchmarks of Linux on 400 MHz machine vs Solaris using dual Xeon 2.8 GHz? You would be totally mad and yell and accuse me of being a cheater? So, it is ok that you show me such links, but I can not show you such links? I would prefer benchmarks, Linux vs Solaris on the same hardware. That would be fair?

2. That is an old benchmark, old Solaris 9 with old filesystem UFS. Do you have any newer benchmarks with Solaris 10 and ZFS instead? Even if Linux v2.4 were faster back then, Im not really convinced that I should install Linux v2.4 on my computer right now. I am interested of the current state. Even if solaris v8 was faster than Linux v2.2 I wouldnt install Solaris v8 right now. To me the history is not important, because that would be disadvantageous to Linux - Linux is a young kernel and Solaris was mature back then. I couldnt compare Linux v0.9 to Solaris v7. That would not be fair. the history is not important to me. I am interested in the current state.

I appreciate you take your time to educate me about Linux performance and stability.