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I think the more interesting comparison is with the series of tests which showed Ubuntu's performance decline very sharply after 7.04 and recover a little with 8.10. The fact that Fedora 10 and Ubuntu 8.10 are in effect identical performers leads me to wonder if all desktop distributions have suffered a big performance hit after kernel 2.6.15 (the Ubuntu 7.04 kernel).
Sorry, but you are only the 100000st person who believes that the test Phoronix had run with Ubuntu 7.04, 7.10 etc. were correct. There is enough prove that something went wrong during the tests (e.g. my P3-1000Mhz gets nearly the same numbers for Ubuntu 8.10 as the tested Core2Duo 1,87Ghz and my P-Mobile 1,7GHz gets nearly the same numbers for Ubuntu 8.10 as Ubuntu 7.04 in the Phoronix test, etc), so the numbers for the old tests can't be trusted.

@Michael :

Now, as Ubuntu 8.10 and Fedora 10 are marked stable, this would be a good time to rerun the tests with Ubuntu and Fedora (7.x, 8.x, etc.) on the same hardware as the "Fedora 10 vs. Ubuntu 8.10"-test