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Thread: Plymouth To Replace USplash In Ubuntu?

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    LP is a joke amongst upstreams, its still not open source.
    True, but "Launchpad to be open source in 12 months".

    Edit: But I agree that it's pretty dumb that they haven't open-sourced it already.

    The launchpad works with upstream means the upstream needs to use launchpad, which no sane upstream does.
    No, it means triaging the bugs reported by the single largest linux community and making sure they reach the correct people upstream.

    Not everyone has the technical knowhow to: a) deduce why his system locks up upon sleep, b) find out who the hell is responsible for this component (kernel? drm? X?). Launchpad helps with that - I simply cannot see why this, as a concept, is disagreeable to upstream developers.

    Since you are an upstream dev and your opinion carries weight, what is it that annoys you on Launchpad?

    Edit 2: Also, what would you propose as an alternative?
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