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I tend to bash Mike for his valve news but

"An Engine update has broken GMod ", that means the actual game, not the server, there is no mention of the server in that blog.

"And Linux has FINALLY compiled.. phew! Working on the depot to ship to Valve now!"
Read that carefully, servers for Linux would have already been out and compiled fine, he says "FINALLY" as if it's never been done aka the game engine itself.
He deserves a bashing. Its one thing to report on what is believed to be credible news ( STEAM for Linux CONFIRMED, expected end of summer ) but then to stand by that statement A YEAR LATER when statements from Valve say "No linux client" just just screams inexperience.
I am sure loads of linux-games dream of having STEAM for linux. its one thing to build peoples hopes up only to have them let down. Its completely different to insist its all good "see see I told you, people didn't believe me". News Flash alot changes in a year. In under a year DNF was cancelled, sold, terminated and relaunched. Anyone making a statement speculating what would happen to DNF would have hit the nail on the head last year simply because a year is a long time....

Holding onto one statement for over a year when soo much has change is just desparate.

Also it has already been confirmed by GaryMod it was serverCode (he even laughed that people actually think there is HL2 for linux).
Also the changes that has occured is todo with PS3 & Portal3 release