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Thread: bad gigabyte board or bad ram ?

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    I had to pump up the voltage and break it in. It crashed for a while but after a few months the problem up and disappeared. Note that it seems gigabyte cheaps out on the voltage there, because I can't even get my ram to 2.2v like it says on the chip. only 2.1v... It's running fine these days though.

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    i asked kingston if the voltage was too low and they said that a new board like that should have no problem running at 1.8, which is common for 800 Mhz ddr2 ? i am not a ram expert, i havent followed hardware in a while.

    and to test, i drove to my brothers house and swaped ram, i think his was rated at 2.1 or something, and that gave odd booting problems too.

    i got an asus board with nvidia 8200 now. uptime has been 17 days. it works.

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